7 Greatest Heists in History

Some thieves are real opportunists – the kind of guys who see an open window and take their chance while they can. Other, more professional criminals can plan their actions for months and even years ahead of the time when the deed has to be carried out.

Great care is taken to cover every last detail of the heist and some show a degree of initiative within the criminal fraternity that is not as rare as you may think.

From audacious key copying to hiding in museums out of business hours, thieves can sometimes surprise you with their ingenuity and some of the most creative crimes are nothing less than works of genius. How else would you get past some of the world’s best security systems other than by thinking one step ahead and getting your hands on the biggest hauls?

Some of the world’s all-time greatest heists have relied on such ingenuity to achieve their aim and here are the tales of the most creative and frankly brilliant crimes in history provided by SimpliSafe Home Security.

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