FLASH SIGHTING: THE Brown Safe Multi-Rotor UAV

The technical innovation and mechanical know-how of the Brown Safe Research Lab has been expanded beyond our previous endeavors with this latest project….but that’s just the sort of thing we’re into around here. We were asked to improve upon a design for a Mutli-Rotor UAV, which stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The client requested that the drone we design be capable of accomplishing covert operations in upmost stealth while being compact enough to transport without arousing suspicion.


  • Capable of a 3 Mile Range
  • Fit Inside a Standard Size Briefcase
  • Can Transport Equipment Up to 5 Pounds
  • Autonomous GPS Navigation and Payload Placement
  • Silent Flight
  • First Person wireless remote Viewing and Control (FPV)
  • Infrared Viewing Capabilities
  • Acceleration in excess of 0-30mph less than 0.5 seconds
  • Auto Leveling Camera Platform for Stabilized HD Video Recording


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