FLASH SIGHTING: THE Brown Safe Assault Ascender

The Brown Safe Research Lab was recently sought out to create a system that would allow a single operator to  silently and rapidly scale a variety of structures to reach key operational locations and facilitate an even more rapid exit once the objective has been reached. Due to the nature of the operations to be carried out it is extremely important that this system functions with supreme reliability and as discreetly as possible. Additionally, the number of pieces used to make up the system and weight of the individual components utilized required that they be no more than one operator could easily handle on their own.


  • Ascent speeds in excess of 3ft per second
  • Ability to lift at least 300lbs.
  • Redundant Unassisted  fail-safe fall safety
  • Silent line launcher capable of projecting a line 100 feet
  • Extremely rapid descent option with integrated fail safe braking


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