FLASH SIGHTING: THE Brown Safe Beretta M9

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the many projects under development in the Ballistic Division of Brown Safe Research Labs. We were approached to create a companion sidearm that would be used under extreme combat situations to compliment a particularly badass Assault Battle Rifle currently under development (more on this rifle to follow in the next week or so). The client stipulated that this handgun be based on the Beretta M9 and must function both as a highly effective close-quarter battle weapon and  provide accuracy out to 75 yards. We love a good challenge, so we jumped at this chance to transform the standard issue Beretta M9 into a supreme tactical pistol.


  • Highly effective for close-quarter battle
  • Accurate rapid succession shot groupings out to 75 yards
  • Capable of holding 20+ rounds
  • Works in low light situations and night vision applications
  • Operator to carry a minimum of 200 rounds with a total weight not in excess of 9 lbs.











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