There is little more exhilarating than sitting behind the wheel of an exotic high performance machine. In this life of trials and tribulations the sports car is a much welcomed escape from the daily stresses and worries, which unfortunately have been all too prevalent over the past few years. Easing into the cockpit of your very own four-wheeled freedom machine, hearing the roar of the perfectly tuned engine come to life, and leaving all else in the dust creates a much needed respite from the mundane and troublesome.

Luke Richard’s passion for high performance automobiles and classic sports cars eventually led to him founding Lucra Cars in 2006. Lucra Cars manufactures the high performance LC470 sports car, a shockingly fast and nimble machine that is more than capable on the track and plenty comfortable to enjoy driving on the street. Its stylish design and classic styling is inspired by the Lister-Chevys and Lister-Jags of the late 50’s. However unlike the racers to which it owes much of its design similarities, the LC470 is much larger all around boasting vastly increased comfort and cutting edge running gear capable of staggering performance. This  greatly updated version of the Lister showcases all the modern trappings one would want in a performance automobile. Including your choice of  4 thoroughly modern engines ranging from the fun to drive 375 hp ZZ4 to the near insanity of the 630 hp LS 7. When paired down to the simple LS6 with 400 horses the car clocks o-60 in a stunning 3.4 seconds. What’s more, the LC 470 launches from dead stop to sixty without the need to shift thanks to running a 2.87 first gear through a 3.07 final drive.

The result of countless hours of design and engineering, and partnering with some of the best and brightest in the industry has produced a  proven performance machine like no other. Not only does it have the timeless classic styling to die for, but the acceleration and handling is unparalleled. The LC470 represents the perfect sports car in every way.




Here's what a few of the experts are saying about the LUCRA LC470:

The LC470 delivers a figure-eight time quicker than the Ferrari F430 or Lamborghini Murcielago LP640.” -Motor Trend

“Chassis and steering responses are superb, making the car intuitively easy to place in any curve.” -Car & Driver

“Owning one will help remind you of why you go to work in the first place.” -Sports Car International

LUCRA’s LC470 is an absolute show stopper. A star all in of itself, this supremely stylish sports car draws attention everywhere it travels. Literally causing men and women to climb over three-quarter of a million dollar Porsches, Ferraris, and Lamborghini’s as they clamber to get a better look. The LC470 is truly a beautiful sight to behold, but what's even more amazing is that it performs even better than it looks. Following up on the impressive debut of the LC470, the design team re-examined every part of the car to refine and improve the design wherever possible. Shown here in iconic Gulf Livery, the newly updated LC470 is even more impressive than its previous incarnation. The team of engineers, designers, and racing experts assembled to create the updated LC470 reads like a who’s who list of the absolute best in the industry. Over 50 years of racecar building experience, coupled with the latest computer-aided design technology, and the most cutting-edge materials and manufacturing process’ went into its creation. The LC470 boasts incredible performance and drivability in a street-legal lightweight sports car. The staggering performance is aided in part by the powder-coated, seamless, 4" drawn-over-mandrel steel tube used in chassis construction, which contributes to the great power-to-weight ratio and helps the car to unparalleled performance.



The LUCRA LC470 represents the very best in a high-performance sports car. Engineered to be a powerful, light, and perfectly balanced machine capable of all one would dare to throw at it.

  • 0-60 in 3.4 sec with 400 hp GM LS6 motor
  • 9.1 sec ¼ mile with 600hp Chevrolet Small Block
  • Optimally balanced with 53% of the car's weight on the rear tires
  • High speed cornering capability of 1.3 lateral G
  • Single piece lightweight carbon fiber body


LUCRA Cars and Brown Safe Manufacturing are two companies at the top of their respective fields and share a common passion in producing the absolute best of the best. The two have come together to produce a one-of-a-kind safe inspired by a one-of-a-kind sports car. Available in limited quantities, these custom high security safes feature cutting edge technology and protection paired with design features and finishes found on the LC470.
The LC470 safe by Brown Safe Includes:
  • Biometric Fingerprint Reading Entry
  • GPS Anti-Theft System
  • Automatic Watch Winders
  • Multi-Sensor Alarm with Home Security Integration
  • Military Grade Ballistic Armor Construction
  • Carbon Fiber Interior Trim
  • Hand-Sewn Accent Stitching
  • LC470 Inspired Exterior Paint Finish
  • Limited Edition LUCRA Cars badging



Luke Richard’s passion for high performance automobiles and classic sports cars eventually led to him founding Lucra Cars in 2006. Lucra Cars manufactures the high performance LC470 sports car, a shockingly fast and nimble machine that is more than capable on the track and plenty comfortable to enjoy driving on the street.The timeless styling coupled with an exhilarating driving experience make the LC470 one of the top high performance sports cars available on the market today.

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Man’s love affair with machine is a strong bond, but usually fleeting. Some sports cars have the looks, but don’t perform well, or aren’t reliable. Other exotic autos drive nicely enough, but the visceral attraction is lacking and all too often you’re left wanting more. Most driving enthusiasts can attest to how difficult it is to find the perfect automobile, an attainable car with the perfect mix of style and drivability.

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The LC470 may be all modern, but it gets its good looks from a different era. The LC470’s race bred lineage goes back to mid ‘50s during the golden age of road racing. In Britain during this time a young man with a passion for racing and an engineering background embarked on creating the perfect racer. As such, a car known as the “Lister” was born, and it is from this car that the LUCRA LC470 takes much of its styling cues.

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