Dornbracht Deque Faucet

The bathroom is the most intimate escape of any modern home, and worthy of high-quality luxurious design. The Dornbracht Deque Faucet is a splendid example of contemporary industrial design. The simple shape, created by Sieger Design for Dornbracht, is minimalist in both form and use. The flat and blocky faucet is operated with a single knob and produces a wide flat flow of rain-like water streams.


The individual streams of water produce a soothing and relaxing sound as they fall into the basin and extend the beauty of the faucet itself. This fixture is both bold and refined, and sure to be a hit with many a homeowner seeking an artistic contemporary addition to their very own spa-like home retreat. The Deque series faucets by Dronbracht are available for basin, shower, bidet, and bath.


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