Don’t Panic, We Got A Room For That

Over the past few years we’ve noticed a steady increase in the number of clients coming to us looking to purchase vault doors for panic rooms. If you aren’t familiar with this term, a panic room or safe room, is a highly secure space that has been fortified to withstand an outside threat. Typically installed in a private home or place of business, the safe room provides the inhabitants shelter in case of a home invasion, break-in, tornado, or other such threat. Panic rooms are most commonly constructed of reinforced concrete block or monolithic poured-in-place concrete walls. Appropriate wall thickness can vary from  6” to 12” for adequate safety from outside threats. Although we at Brown Safe don’t handle the construction of panic rooms, we are however happy to offer our advice and experience. What we do specialize in is arguably the most vulnerable and thus the most important portion of any safe room – the Vault Door.

The vault door of a panic room is highly vulnerable to attack because it is typically the weakest link. The connection between the walls and door as well as the spaces in the door are vulnerable to attack and provide areas to be leveraged, hinges that can be damaged, and a locking mechanism that can be tampered with. Therefore it is extremely important you choose a vault door worthy of keeping your family safe. Beyond doing its job of keeping the bad guys out, a vault door must also function seamlessly and reliability every time you find yourself in a situation that requires you quickly enter and exit the vault. The vault door isn’t much good in a high-stress situation if it takes a long time to open, malfunctions, or gets stuck. For these aforementioned reasons we applied our 30 years of building safes and vault doors along with the engineering prowess we’ve learned to focus our efforts on these three key areas…Security, Convenience, and Reliability.

Security: Above all the vault door needs to do its job. And that job is to provide protection for you and your family in the case of an emergency.

We offer three protection levels, each of which makes use of only the highest grade materials and construction methods to create the most robust vault doors available anywhere. Solid ¼” steel plate is the absolute least we’ll use because we know anything less could mean potential harm for those you love. As such, our starting point is typically much stronger than that of our competitor’s top-rated vault doors. Whereas, our top protection level makes use of military grade ballistic armor, this nearly impenetrable steel is capable of withstanding multiple .50 caliber anti-tank rounds and requires specialized engineering process to create what is quite literally the world’s strongest vault door.


Convenience: Your vault door has to be easy to use, otherwise it simply won’t be fully utilized.

In a terrified panic-stricken state most people’s blood pressure rises and even the most simple tasks become exceedingly difficult. The brain isn’t able to think as clearly as you try to frantically remember a combination and how to use a confusing lock, and hands don’t seem to have the same usual dexterity when the mind is clouded with impending danger. We hedge our bets for these high-stress instances by installing top-of-the-line entry devices which both meet UL standards for security and are simple to operate, such as an electronic keypad lock or a biometric fingerprint reading scanner that can get you to safety quickly in a high-threat situation.


Reliability: Without fail, your vault door must work every time. PERIOD.

Dependability is a hallmark of every product produced by Brown Safe. We understand that our safes and vault doors are created to protect the things you treasure most. And in the case of our vault doors, maybe even save your life. We take our task of protection very seriously. For this reason we only utilize components that have been proven to be both highly-secure and supremely reliable. As an example, we commonly make use of both an electronic keypad lock along with a mechanical lock backup on our vault doors to ensure access is always available in the most critical of times. We constantly monitor and engineer our products to ensure that our quality is second to none and our vault doors function flawlessly every time.


Visit our vault door pages to learn more find a door that is the perfect fit for your needs


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