Division Furtive Type 40 Watch

A lovely (not so) little pre-holiday gift just arrived here at the Research Labs. And just like kids who can’t quite wait for Christmas morning, we were all too eager to rip it open and see what we had received. With sly smiles all around, we pulled a non-descript black box from its cardboard packaging. Intrigued, we slowly lifted off the top to find another black box nestled within – but this one was embossed with the logo of Division Furtive….and all our smiles grew a bit larger.

Division Furtive is a Montreal based maker of limited run watches. At the Labs we have a special fascination with timepieces, an appreciation that first emerged when studying the complexities of mechanical watches and an interest in the intricacies they share with the locking mechanisms of our safes and vault doors. However, over time our love for all things horological has grown, and we are very impressed by what we’ve seen from Division Furtive.

They’ve managed to blend the lines of time-telling and technology. Their latest creation is the Type 40, and we were happy to open this package to discover it. With the Type 40, Division Furtive has taken robust and refined industrial design, applied a heavy dose of Mechatronics, and created a watch that functions unlike any other. With one look it’s immediately evident this watch is anything but traditional. The thick textured epoxy case and smooth rubber band in all black makes a bold statement, but it is definitely the unique indicators on the face that reveal its true nature. Unlike a traditional dial with hands and numerals to display time, the Division Furtive Type  40 uses a series of small LED’s and two linear indicators, one that corresponds to hours and another below for minutes. However, these two linear displays don’t stop there. The metallic gold on black graphics reveal a host of secondary features, including moon phases, days of the week, calendar, battery life, travel mode, and more. Yet, there are no buttons anywhere to access them, instead you actually tap or double tap the face of the watch to display these additional features. And if you’re thinking that walking around with little glowing lights on the your watch is a little hokey, have no fear, the watch displays nothing until you actually turn your wrist to the standard viewing angle (approx. 45 °) to read it….preserving battery life and manliness – ingenious stuff!

Actually we haven’t even gotten to the genius stuff. The truly amazing tech part of this watch is that it sets all of these features by interacting with your computer or smartphone. Division Furtive realized that nearly everyone references their phone or computer when setting the time on their watch, so why not simply let these devices set the time (and a lot more) on the watch for you? A specially designed smartphone or web app pulses light which is then read by the watch via a small glass window on the back – VOILÀ your watch now knows the exact time, date, moon phases, if it’s leap year or not, etc.


We are excited about this out-of-the-box mingling of technology and time-telling, and we loved opening up our Division Furtive Type 40; so, if you have a watch fanatic on your gift list who loves technology and has a penchant for distinctive design, then we know they’ll love opening the box to a Type 40 just as much as we did.

Head over the Division Furtive website to learn more about the watch and to purchase.

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