Destroying Safes with Popular Mechanics

Recently Ben Stewart, the West Coast Editor for Popular Mechanics, stopped by the Brown Safe Research Labs. We had great time showing off some of the projects we’ve been working on and doing a few safe cracking demonstrations for him so he could better understand what separates a true high-security safe from inferior impostors. Being the highly technologically savvy guy that he is, Mr. Stewart was soon seeking more information about just what makes a safe a safe, and the protection level ratings that separate real safes from the thin metal boxes that are made to look like safes. After a full day of explaining the differences, we took him out to our private testing range where he could see the differences first hand…….add in a Barrett .50 cal…….and I think we proved our point. But you be the judge.

Head on over to the Popular Mechanics website to see the video of how our safes stack up against the competition and read his article about Ballistic Safe Testing 101.

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