CRKT ExiTool: There When You Need It

Here at the Brown Safe Research Labs, we’re focused on all matter of tools and tactics which enable ourselves and others to stay safe. Whether it is by means of strategy, self-defense, fortification, or the right gear to get the job done; we always strive to enable people to protect and prepare themselves for the worst.

By working towards the simple goal of staying safe, we can all become more proactive in keeping our families and ourselves protected into the future. That’s why we were excited to take a closer look at the CRKT ExiTool. The ExiTool is a cleverly designed car emergency tool that breaks away from the pack through innovative design and a simple goal in mind: staying safe. Whether it is an accident with another automobile, careening into a body of water, or anytime a person is trapped in their automobile during a perilous situation, the ExiTool is designed to be your one-stop-shop for getting free and getting to safety. And unlike similar tools which perform the same function, the innovative design places the ExiTool right where you need it during that unfortunate accident we never intend on occurring. In fact we did an impromptu poll here at the Labs and while nearly every one of us had some sort of car emergency tool that was intended to perform the same life saving measures as the CRKT ExiTool, less than 20% of us were able to say with certainty that we could access that tool quickly enough to do any good in an emergency situation.

The ExiTool has just the right features, it’s no Swiss Army Knife, but no other superfluous fluff is needed in a tool meant to aid in smashing and slashing. It utilizes a seatbelt cutter and window breaker to make a simple, yet effective tool to possibly help save your life. Plus, as an added benefit this car emergency tool has is a small LED for low-light situations, which makes it a handy piece of gear to have around even during non-emergency scenarios.  There are quite a few car-centered emergency tools that one can put in their glove compartment or center console, but what makes the ExiTool one of the best car emergency tools for automobile emergencies is the fact that it clips on to your seatbelt, making sure that it will always be by your side when all hell breaks loose.

“I am an EMT. I have handled countless patients involved in vehicle crashes that left them upside down trapped in a car. When your vehicle goes upside down or flips, everything goes flying. The Exitool will still be on your seatbelt easy for you to access and simple to use” – Jenn Coffey

The company, Columbia River Knife and Tool Company (CRKT), is an American company founded in 1994 that has dedicated itself to craftsmanship and usefulness. CRKT is unique in that it brings on some of the industry’s top designers and revolutionaries to help design quality tools. And as we at Brown believe, quality counts.

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