10 Coolest Gift Ideas For Guys

Christmas is quickly approaching, and we’re guessing you might have a bit more shopping to do. So skip the long lines at the local mall and take a gander at our list of the coolest things any guy would like to get this year. Some are small and some are large, but all are sure to put a smile on the face of any man.


1. Survival Pod X-Stream

The perfect stocking stuffer for the Prepper on your list, the X Stream Survival Pod includes 16 different survival tools in one compact container of paracord. Carry as a key-chain or attach to the zipper of your favorite pack or jacket and you’ll always have just what you need right at your fingertips. This handy tool includes:

  • 1 – 4cm D Shaped Carabiner
  • 1 – 1″ Sharp Eye knife and sheath
  • 1 – 1″ Fire Stick Flint
  • 1 – 6″ Jute Firestarter/Tinder
  • 1 – 6″ Strip of Duct Tape
  • 1 – 12ft of 550 Parachute Cord
  • 1 – 1 1/4″ sewing needle
  • 1 – Spoon Lure
  • 1 – #6 Live Bait Hook
  • 1 – #8 Live Bait Hook
  • 2 – Split Shot, tin, removable fishing weights
  • 1 – 15ft of mono-filiment fishing line
  • 1 – 1 gram of reusable hot glue
  • 1 – 12″ steel green snare wire
  • 1 – 1 1/2″ hacksaw blade


2. Tactical Operator Pen

The perfect double-duty tool and a cool complement to any EDC kit. The Tactical Operator Pen from Tuff Writer is sure to please any guy on your Christmas list. This tactical pen functions as both an excellent writing utensil and defensive tool. Plus with an all black satin finish and knurled surface for positive grip, it looks as stylish as it is lethal. Carry this pen and you’ll always be ready whether you need to sign your John Hancock or defend yourself from Johnny-come-lately.


3. Goruck GR2

Founded by a Special Forces vet, Goruck was created to make great gear. Their proven equipment is some of the toughest on earth; designed to withstand some of the toughest challenges on earth. Here’s what the founder Jason had to say about the Goruck GR2 “GR2 travels really, really well. I’m no stranger to the austere, the posh, or the grind of getting to both, but no matter where I’m going I want to get there with as little hassle as possible, find a place to set my bag down and then find an adventure or two. I hate the traveling part of travel anymore: the lines, the baggage check, separating out my laptop, stripping down at security. When we were designing GR2, our goal was to create and simplify the one travel bag we wanted to take with us anywhere. So that’s what we did.”


4. Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

If you have a tough-as-nails guy on your Christmas list and don’t want to disappoint, then the Downrange Tomahawk is sure to do the trick. This tomahawk from Gerber is a serious tool, fully equipped with a large beveled edge on one side of the ax head and a heavy-duty hammer on the other. Below the grip of this smasher and basher features a hefty pry bar for leveraging your way through anything you don’t feel like busting to bits. Add in other features like 420HC steel construction, G-10 handles with integrated scales, plus a MOLLE compatible sheathe, and now you have a Christmas gift that keeps on giving.


5. Triple Aught Design Stealth Hoodie

The Stealth Hoodie from TAD has been meticulously engineered to achieve the perfect blend of superior weather resistance and adaptive insulation. A smart looking protective layer that is actually smart; this jacket literally adapts to the environment both inside and outside the jacket to maintain the ideal body climate. In the presence of heat or body moisture, the pores open to channel that heat and moisture away from the body, keeping you cooler and more comfortable. When it’s cold or body moisture has not accumulated, the pores constrict, retaining heat inside the jacket. Performance and function are the baseline requirements of everything Triple Aught Design makes, and this jacket features clean-lined design without superfluous details. The silhouette is modern without the bulk and has a subdued color palette to ensure you’ll blend into natural environments and look mighty tacti-cool all the while.


6. Randolph Engineering Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are always in, because there’s no denying that the look of these specs are equal parts cool and classic. Randolph Engineering is the literal innovator of the iconic Aviator sunglasses. In the late 1970′s Randolph Engineering started manufacturing Mil-Spec Aviator sunglasses for the United States Air Force, producing in excess of 200,000 sunglasses annually, and they became the prime contractor in 1982. By the late 1980′s Randolph had expanded into the commercial sunglass market after civilians learned about the quality of its sunglasses. These shades have been worn by everyone from Mav in Top Gun to Don Draper, so why fake it when you can have the real deal with Randolph Engineering Sunglasses.


7. Brunckhorst Sidekick TAD Edition

Triple Aught Design has teamed with legendary knife craftsman Lyle Brunckhorst to produce a high quality folder for everyday use.  Folding knives offer many advantages, but one downside is the inherent risk that the locking mechanism can potentially fail while in use, leaving one to constantly maintain awareness of your grip. Lyle Brunckhorst and Dan Perreault have used their combined history creating custom knives to develop the patented Xross-Bar Locking System, so no matter the grip position your hand is protected from a potential failure. Users of this Brunckhorst Sidekick TAD Edition are now free to slice and dice more aggressively and with increased confidence in their knife.


8. The Polaris Sportsman Military ATV

ATVs are awesome, plain and simple, but even more awesome when they are spec’d for military application. The Polaris Sportsman Military ATV is a bad to the bone 4 wheeler that is up for any task you can throw at it; complete with a bunch of tactical tech to get you in or out of as much trouble as you can muster, including innovative TerrainArmor non-pneumatic tires that never go flat, electronic power steering, AWD and active descent control for maximum traction, 3,000 lb Warn winch, and an impressive 77 hp engine mated to a military-grade transmission.


9. Bell & Ross Blackbird

You can never go wrong with giving a nice watch as a gift, and the Bell & Ross Blackbird is about the coolest watch going. The BR 126 Blackbird pays tribute to the legendary 1960s American spy plane, the Lockheed SR-71 “Blackbird”. It has retained the appearance of this stealth plane, whose black paint absorbed radar waves, in its anti-reflection matte black case. An aviation chronograph designed according to professional specifications, the Vintage BR 126 Blackbird is equipped with a Flyback function with orange hands for optimal legibility.


10. Brown Safe MAN SAFE Elite Edition with Biometric Lock

The ultimate gift for the man that has it all, The MAN SAFE Elite Edition is a high-security safe to keep all his finer things protected. Plus, all  that’s worth protecting will be available at the swipe of his finger with a biometric fingerprint reading lock that would have even James Bond feeling a bit jealous. The MAN SAFE also features a hefty dose of luxury upgrades including carbon fiber and stainless accents, LED interior lighting, and Orbita watch winders among others. Not to mention this beast is completely constructed from military-grade ballistic steel, a material so strong even .50 caliber anti-sniper rounds don’t leave a dent..so you know it can withstand nearly any threat out there.


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