Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond Speakers

The 800 Series Diamond speakers by Bowers & Wilkins is recognized as the world’s finest loudspeaker. Audiophiles are a breed unto themselves, but just about anyone can appreciate the superb sound quality and design of these luxurious speakers. It’s no wonder that the 800 Series is used in the likes of the world famous Abbey Road studio and can be found wherever clear and accurate sound quality is an absolute necessity.

Bowers & Wilkins aims to give the listener an experience that makes one feel as though they are live in the studio with the musicians. This quest for perfection is summed up by one material specifically, and that is diamond. In fact they claim it is the secret ingredient of the 800 Series and the reason their speakers offer unparalleled accuracy at high frequencies.

The tweeter dome itself is formed diamond, developed by a company specializing in super-materials for cutting edge engineering applications. To take full advantage of this clarity the entire construction of the speaker and driver use only the finest materials.

Kevlar, the same material used in bullet-proof vests, is utilized in the speaker construction to soak up unwanted sound and give only the most pure and pristine sound available.

Superior base sound is achieved through structural engineering that gives the driver the proper support to move with freedom and precision in the face of heavy base. So Bowers & Wilkins developed an advanced suspension system in the 800 Series which supports a cone made of a composite material originally developed for spacecraft and high-performance automobiles.

Not only is the quality of sound the absolute best that money can buy, but the cabinet enclosures are wonders of contemporary manufacturing and craftsmanship as well. Wood veneers from sustainable forests are hand matched and the teardrop shape of the enclosure is lacquered and polished by hand to ensure the speaker is as beautiful as the sound it produces.

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