Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 4 3D HDTV

Why suffer the long lines, uncomfortable seats, and bad popcorn of your local movie theater when you can enjoy an excellent movie going experience in the comfort of your own home with the BeoVision 4 by Bang & Olufsen. This high-end 3d HDTV uses advanced picture engines combined with large full-HD plasma screens to achieve a truly cinematic viewing experience complete with digital surround sound. The innovative design of the BeoVision 4 allows it to raise off the ground and tilt forward automatically when turned on to provide the optimal view height and angle for an uncompromised picture.

Large  plasma screens are the top choice in televisions that offer a truly cinematic experience. And the  BeoVision 4 is a truly huge plasma screen pushing picture quality to new heights. Unfortunately all plasmas degrade with time, however Bang & Olufsen have developed a solution  in the form of Automatic Colour Management, a unique system that compensates for the effects of aging. A tiny built-in camera serves as your in-house technician, checking your screen after every 100 hours of use and adjusting the color balance accordingly.


The BeoVision 4 uses Bang & Olufsen’s VisionClear picture quality technology, specifically designed to make sure you have the highest quality picture possible at all times.  Achieving a superior and consistent picture with the aid of a light meter which they call the Automatic Picture Control sensor that continuously measures the ambient light in the room and adjusts the light output from the screen to make sure you get the best viewing experience, no matter the room environment or whether it’s day or night.

The stunning picture quality of the BeoVision 4 is beautifully framed by the smooth brushed aluminum of the tv surround. Its sleek lines are accentuated by the triangular center speaker which hangs below the screen, creating a daring but elegant overall design.

for more information visit the Bang & Olufsen website

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