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Top Flashlights for Every Use

Illumination is so underappreciated. We’re used to the lights coming on at the flick of a switch. In fact, we’ve become so accustomed to being able to see everything in front of us at any given time that we often
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The Bolt Pen

When one considers the items they carry and use on an everyday basis, few consider a pen to be that important of a tool. Sure, wallet, phone, knife, and even a flashlight will top the list of cool tools, but,
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Carry On – Kahr P380 Best Concealed Carry Pistol

Kahr Arms P380

We live in dangerous times, and the security of our family and ourselves comes down to individual responsibility. A responsibility we know isn’t taken lightly by those of you who carry concealed. Here at the Brown Safe Research Labs we’ve
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Wicked Laser – Top 10 Ingenious Uses for a Wicked Laser Arctic

Wicked Laser

A few of our recent projects here at the Brown Safe Research Labs have included the integration of lasers for a variety of….shall we say….unconventional uses. Our involvement in this often unexplored technological “multi-tool” of sorts has prompted us to explore
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Superb Switchblades – Top 10 Automatic Knives

For those whose lives and the lives of those they serve depend on the tools they carry, speed and dependability can make all the difference in the world. Enter the automatic knife, or switchblades as they are commonly known, a knife
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Smart – Simple – Secure

Securing your space is all about being proactive. All too often products and systems go unused because they are simply too difficult to routinely use. Here at the Labs we’re always on the lookout for new technology to help add
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Commando Cool

Since its inception, Bell & Ross has been associated with creating high-end timepieces inspired by and built for military, law enforcement, and other such professionals whose lives depend on their equipment. The original iconic square case and bold numerals are

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Brown Safe Racing – Late To The Race

Dust is flying and so am I, as I cut hard to the inside to avoid a massive granite boulder and round the final bend, a blurry group becomes visible. It’s the finish line. And I’m almost there! Then out
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Tactical Seat Covers

Increase the tacti-cool factor of your ride with these smart seat covers.  Kings Arsenal has partnered with Coverking to offer an innovative organization solution for your gear while on the move in your truck or SUV.

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Destroying Safes with Popular Mechanics

Recently Ben Stewart, the West Coast Editor for Popular Mechanics, stopped by the Brown Safe Research Labs. We had great time showing off some of the projects we’ve been working on and doing a few safe cracking demonstrations for him so he could
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