8 Luxury Vacations Of The Super Rich

Today marks the first day of fall, goodbye summer, and in some ways signals the end of the unofficial vacation season. Daydreaming of escaping it all got us to wondering, “Where do the uber rich go when they want a lavish getaway?”

When it comes to creating a great vacation, many factors play a role, from the location itself, to the staff, and the surroundings. Those who are rich because they sold a great piece of software they developed or because they are simply a fabulously wealthy business person can teach the rest of us what it is like to vacation with the very best of everything.

If you are rich and can afford just about anything for a vacation, where do you go and what do you do? Look at what these celebrities do when they want to get away and money is not a question.

1. Steven Spielberg, the legendary academy award winning movie director, travels to Ireland where he can enjoy the country’s natural wonders. He’s been known to spend time in the Aran Islands at a small village called Burren, and has called his trips to Ireland a spiritual experience.



2. If you are Ralph Lauren, the famed designer to the stars, you simple choose between any of your five homes dotting the world. Although, it would seem his favorite destination is his cliff-hanging seaside villa in Jamaica.


3. Billionaire real estate tycoon Donald Trump claims he doesn’t vacation, but we’re calling his bluff. It looks like his mansion Mar a Lago Estate, right at Palm Beach is definitely a vacation spot if we’ve ever seen one.


4. If you are Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire media mogul and mayor of New York City, you may visit Vail, Colorado, where you own property to relax in. Including the Game Creek Club, which members of this club pay some $50,000 as an initiation fee alone. Although it’s been suggested his favorite getaway for some down time is across the pond, where he has property in London’s swank Cadogan Square.


5. If you are Rupert Murdoch, you want more adventure than traveling to one of your private properties. Rather, a deep-sea adventure may be what you are planning to take, on board a huge yacht and with all of the latest gadgets for deep sea diving.


6. Oprah has property all around the world. However she enjoys being on the move, so she’s been known to visit historic Spanish villages, or take a luxurious cruise from Italy to Greece.


7. Where do you go if you’re Steve Wynn, the high profile entrepreneur known for making his billions in the luxury hotel industry of America’s most notorious vacation spot, Las Vegas? Well you get away of course, and Mr. Wynn relaxes aboard his 183-foot yacht, often in the Caribbean waters.


8. Bill Gates, officially the world’s second richest person, can go anywhere on the planet with his $53 billion. He vacations at the Adriatic Sea and enjoys exploring the world, including trips to Krk, a Croatian Island.

If you could go anywhere, and money was no obstacle at all, where would you?

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