Do you want to protect your family and keep your hard-earned valuables safe?

Take these 5 Proven Steps to secure your valued property and implement them today!

Look around just a little and you’ll find robbery is rapidly on the rise. When pro-active property owners take action by adhering to the simple steps outlined below, they not only secure their belongings, they play a key role in the community’s response to stamping out the current security weakness criminals have identified and are actively capitalizing on. Right now is the time to do something before it’s too late!

1. Establish a Community Network

Create open lines of communications with neighbors and businesses within your immediate area, especially those nearest to you.

• Initiate or participate in local community events where security and watchfulness topics are common points of discussion. Neighborhood watch meetings, housing association meetings, even local business luncheons are all common and easy gatherings where community security can be discussed.  The key focus of these discussions is establishing an awareness to suspect happenings within the area.

• Establish simple lines of communication within the group where suspicious events can be reported and appropriate reactionary steps taken.

• Stay Alert. Burglars rarely burgle at random. They will generally “case” an area for a few days and nights first to gauge community awareness while looking for specific targets of opportunity. Within well networked and security conscious communities, these prowling thieves are rapidly identified and will often abandon an area when they become the subject of community scrutiny.


2. Eliminate tempting vulnerabilities

• Identify and close obvious vulnerabilities in and around your home or business that may draw the attention of opportunistic criminals.

• Open or unlocked doors and windows are the most common points of entry for observant criminals to gain fast access into a home or business and act as tempting attractors. Make it a habit of keeping all entry points shut and locked. Secure all doors with quality deadbolts and ensure the locks used on sliding doors and windows are substantial enough to resist moderate prying.

• Within the home, avoid leaving valued items out in plain sight where visitors, hired help, or employees may be tempted to commit an easy-seize misdeed.


3. Employ Theft Deterrents

• There are a number of simple security improvements that function as great deterrents to any probing criminal.

• Light the area around your property. Burglars prefer to enter a property in shadow and are far less likely to venture onto a well lit property. Set up timers for outside lights so they come on every night, or better still add simple motion activated lights into the mix. Available at any home supply store, motion activated lights are a proven psychological deterrent. Randomly timed lights within the home or business act as further deterrents to casing burglars, giving the impression of activity within.

• Watch dogs or even the placement of “Beware of Dog” signs also function as strong criminal deterrents.

• A fence with closed gates around the property prevents casing criminals from getting close enough to spot areas of vulnerability. Criminals are also more hesitant to enter a gated area, as doing so runs the risk of drawing unwanted attention by onlookers.


4. Install a monitored security system

• The installation of a professionally monitored alarm system is a tremendous deterrent, especially one that includes security cameras, even “dummy cameras” will suffice. In the event of an actual intrusion, these systems prove invaluable.

• Alarm systems are a must for high profile properties or those that present obvious burglary targets. Burglars that specifically target an attractive property generally work in coordinated groups that are far more persistent in their efforts. Even if an alarm is triggered, it’s common for this class of burglar to withdraw to a safe distance where they can observe and wait for a response. If there is no response, the robbers will re-enter once the audible alarm shuts down while a distant lookout provides early warning to any approaching security responder. For this reason, be sure your alarm system includes a respected monitoring center that can guarantee sensible response times.


5. Secure your valued belongings

• Store all transportable items of high monetary or personal value in a strong burglary rated safe.

• DO NOT store your valuables in an unrated, RSC rated, or fire only rated safe as these safe types provide ghastly inadequate burglary protection and will be compromised easily.

• Placing your valued items in an insubstantial safe simply provides the criminal with a conveniently organized location to acquire all your high value items quickly. Brown Safe receives heart wrenching calls on a weekly basis from recently robbed owners of popular safes that lost everything when these name brand safes were compromised.

• Over 90% of today’s top selling safes do not provide sufficient burglary protection and are highly vulnerable to being forcibly opened within minutes by a simple hammer and crowbar.
Always store your valuables in a safe with a bare minimum of a ½” solid steel door and ¼” solid steel walls.

So remember, criminals are lurking all around and adept at spotting the weak. In order to save your family and those things dear to you, you have to make sure you are one of the strong. We hear the agonizing recounts of stolen heirlooms and cherished gifts every day, and it happens a lot more than we’d like to think. We hate hearing these gut-turning recounts and instead love to hear the victory speeches by proud Brown Safe owners of how the thwarted thieves barely scratched the gloss off their high security Brown Safe.  Please take the above advice to heart and act today to safeguard your family!

For more information on the above tips or to help implement your strategy call (760) 233-2293 or visit

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