3 Tips When Selecting a Vault Door

Constructing a vault to store your treasures can be a major undertaking, ensuring you select the right vault door will guarantee your treasure chest lasts a lifetime…or a couple of lifetimes.

1. Protection Rating:  When selecting a vault door, keep in mind the thickness of your vault room.  If you are building a vault room out of plywood there is no need to install a 10,000 lb vault door, as the burglar can simply cut through the wall.  We normally suggest our clients build a room out of 8” concrete block (filling the cells of the block with rebar and additional concrete).  This type of room generally warrants at least an E-Rate vault door.  Need help in better understanding vault door protection levels, we are available to help you find a vault door that works best for your vault.

2. Weight:  Weight is a direct indicator of strength. Our smallest vault door, the B8030, has a ½” thick solid steel barrier material weighing in at 1070 lbs. The rest of our models go up from there. If any of the vault doors you’re considering weigh less, it’s likely those doors are constructed using inexpensive sheet metal, possibly wrapped around ‘fire lining’….remember you are putting all of your valuables in one place..don’t make it an easy target (burglars love it when people organize their valuables in one handy spot..makes their ‘job’ easier).  Look for a vault door that uses a minimum of ½” thick solid steel barrier material.  If a manufacturer isn’t listing the thickness of the steel (or only lists the thickness of the entire door) consider this a red flag.

3. Reliability & Convenience:  When putting all your eggs in one basket, it’s wise to first look for any obvious holes that basket may have.  Vault doors should only use a U.L. approved Group 2 lock or better.  There are a number of cheap Chinese locks being put on vault doors to cut production costs.  During our 35+ years of vault construction, we’ve found the use of these lesser locks all too often results in a very expensive lockout.  All our safes and vaults use only commercial grade locks. It’s one of the reasons we can offer a no questions asked 50 year warranty.  We highly suggest you do the same.

Convenience is also a top consideration when selecting a vault door.  Invest the time now to research the available door options best suited to your specific needs, as adding these options once the vault door is installed is generally unrealistic. All of our vault doors come standard with an emergency escape device, and can be outfitted with other options such as panic room interlock, in-swing option, selection of which side the vault door is hinged on, etc.

Bottom line, building a vault room is a personal thing. The commitment to build a vault for your treasures works best when you take the time to precisely determine the needs of your unique application. Once your needs are clearly understood, finding the provider to properly fill those needs becomes a clear and simple process.

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