The 2013 Vanquish – Aston Martin’s New Hero Has Arrived

It looks as though James Bond has a new beauty. Aston Martin has just unveiled its latest luxury sports car, the 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish. The new Vanquish is a reinterpreted version of the original V12 grand tourer bearing the same name. Although this Aston Martin Vanquish receives a healthy dose of updated styling and performance enhancements.

The spectacularly gorgeous exterior design is fitting of the British automakers illustrious past and speaks volumes for their future. The all new Vanquish is essentially the AM 310 concept car from Aston Martin and also borrows styling features from the manufacture’s extremely limited edition One-77 coupe. A refined waist, elongated side strakes and LED illuminated rear light blades which mimic the company’s iconic winged logo are a few of the design cues shared with the One-77 supercar.

99 percent of the Vanquish’s body panels are made up of carbon fiber, as is a portion of the chassis as well, leading to a car that is both extremely light and rigid. Owners can opt to keep portions of the carbon fiber in its unpainted form, selecting elements like the roof rails, door handles, and side strakes to compliment the carbon fiber front splitter and rear fascia of the luxury sports car.

The interior cabin space is also fitting of the Aston Martin name and bears a mix of refined and sporting appointments that do well to compliment the Vanquish’s exterior. The interior also barrows from design features and technology utilized in the One-77. Hand stitched detailing and materials of fine luxmil, semi-aniline leather, and alcantara comprise the luxurious cockpit.

The V12 engine has been re-worked to take full advantage of the reduced weight and the 6.0 liter boasts an increase in both horsepower and displacement, with output jumping from an already impressive 510hp to an astonishing 565hp. This snarling V12 is mated to a Touchtronic2 six-speed automatic transmission for optimal driving experience whether you’re cruising in town or ripping through the twisties. The combined increase in power and reduced weight allow the Aston Martin Vanquish to scream form 0-60mph in 4.1 seconds with a top speed around 195mph, which should be more than enough to make any harrowing escape from whatever trouble you should find yourself in.

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